He was announced with lofty accolades,

Today we read of his great escapades.

A captain of the King of Syria’s host,

Ever diligent; always at his post.

An officer of high repute,

And without doubt must have been very astute.

A gentleman of great honour,

A mighty man of valour.

And his name was Naaman;


We see how Naaman was highly revered and celebrated and then with that short three letter word (but) his “reproach” was quietly introduced into the picture. Whatever pain or maybe even shame that Naaman might have felt, we never got to find out because he never came up with excuses to not show up and perform in his office.

Though he was a Syrian,  his “but” did not stop him from making himself available to God who used him to bring deliverance to his people. He was diligent, brave and I dare say of great value to the king of Syria, who did not hesitate to write a letter of recommendation on his behalf to the King of Israel. Naaman also displayed how smart he was. He did not go before the King of Israel and the prophet  Elisha empty – handed.  He went laden with gifts. Which is also an indication that he was a man of means.

At the end of the day, Naaman was cured of his leprosy, while another; a greedy other, took the leprosy over for his lineage. Beware of greed!!! (A story for another day.)

Learning from Naaman, we see that though his leprosy was visible for all to see; and the stigma of leprosy was quite bad then (and is still very real today); he did not abandon life and give up. He might have struggled at times and wondered why such a fate had befallen him but we are not told that he wanted to give it all up. He carried on with his life, “a leper”, and was lauded for all his great exploits in spite of the stigma. He did not back down. He even dared display anger and arrogance when the prophet Elisha did not personally attend to him but instead sent a messenger to give instructions for the cure of the disease. A leper?? Arrogant?? Yes; that was Naaman.

My dear friend, I do not know what your peculiar condition or “but” is now.  What is the fate that has befallen you and is threatening to make an open show of you? It could be physical, spiritual, material, mental, or financial. Whatever it is need not be unto shame, or disgrace, or anger or isolation or even death.

With Jesus there is a cure for any “but” or any ailment and He sometimes sends help in the least expected places or people.

Like Naaman, please go ahead and live your life, do not let that “but” hold you back or hold you bound. Hold your head up high, the lifter up of your head will send the cure for that “……but”. 

So but me no buts!!! GET ON WITH YOUR LIFE!


Oluyinka Ego-Martins ©