I saw a display picture of a dog, babysitting a child.

And I thought, this is so cute.

Incidentally,  there are arguments (pictures) to support the fact that dogs are the best babysitters. And  that pit bulls, of all breeds, were known for centuries as “The Nanny Dog” and were often in charge of babysitting the family’s children. (

Interesting I say and then it got me thinking……….

Will animals begin to take our place……….

Gone viral is the video of a nanny violently abusing her charge

Shame this happened with one given delicate duties to discharge

But instead she took undue advantage of one not as large

And yet we see a dog rise up to protect their charge

How about Balaam,  the sly wicked prophet

Who wanted just to line his pockets

And so he thought to curse; A blessed people not accursed

And because of Balaam’s greed; The donkey broke the creed

Alas! A donkey sees what was shielded from Balaam’s eyes

In his folly and confusion, Balaam strikes the donkey thrice…………….Numbers 22

Jesus warns that if we hold our praise back even stones will replace us. ……………. Luke 19:40 

I do not wish to be replaced by an animal or by a stone for that matter.

So like Motor City Mass Choir said in their 1997 “Shout in the House” album

I declare:

Ain’t gonna let no rock out praise me.

Ain’t gonna let it sing in my place.”

So go get your praise on y’all!!!

Oluyinka Ego-Martins ©