The LORD reminded me of something that happened about twenty years ago. I had heard of a lady whose husband had gone off to a social event with a female colleague. Well, it was the event of another colleague from work and they had all decided to take off from his house. So the female colleague had parked her car at his house and rode with him to the event. Both had sat behind while the driver drove. As they were driving out the wife was coming in and saw them together. They waved at each other and after the car had moved out she suddenly realised that she had just seen her husband seated with another woman at the back seat. By the way it was a trip out of town. Her mind began to run riot and before long she had convinced herself that her husband was having an affair with the female colleague. I heard that she immediately started messaging all family members from both sides reporting her husband of infidelity and adultery.

It escalated so very quickly. Family members were calling the husband asking what was going on. He got very upset and in turn started calling the wife that he was going to deal with her on his return. That how dare her paint him in a bad light when he had done no such thing as the thing she had accused him of. When the husband came back home a shouting match ensued and he threatened to beat the wife. There was however a guest visiting the wife at the time and she immediately got up and started kneeling down before the husband and pleading for him not to touch the wife. Well after much pleading the husband left the scene and walked away. (He never did raise a finger against his wife.)  

At some point during the shouting and threatening, the guest had stood between the husband and wife with her arms outstretched and saying the husband would have to forcefully get her out the way to get to his wife (which was almost impossible). That was exactly what I remembered and God spoke to me using this example. God said that this is exactly how Jesus Christ stands in total defence of us. He stands smack bang in front of us and defends us every single time we fall short of God’s glory. The thing is that the judgement of God fell on Jesus as he carried our own sins while on that cross. (For Jesus Himself had no sin) “He personally carried our sins in his body on the cross so that we can be dead to sin and live for what is right. By his wounds you are healed. ” 1 Peter 2: 24 NLT And because God is a Just God, He will NEVER judge those sins again. NEVER! Our sins have been judged once and for all in the body of Jesus Christ. And this is why it is written of believers “Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.” Romans 8:1 NIV

Like the guest who stood with outstretched arms trying to protect her friend; Jesus hung with outstretched arms to defend us on that cross. He took every punishment that would ever be due to us.  Secondly, His outstretched arms are also to ward off the accuser of the brethren. “The the angel showed me Jeshua the high priest standing before the angel of the LORD. The Accuser, Satan, was there at the angel’s right hand, making accusations against Jeshua. And the LORD said to Satan, “I the LORD, reject your accusations, Satan. Yes, the LORD, who has chosen Jerusalem, rebukes you. This man is like a burning stick that has been snatched from the fire.” Zechariah 3: 1-2 NLT Jesus has silenced our accusers forever.

Yes it is true that the soul that sins shall die. But Jesus took our sins and died in our place, but He did not stay dead, He rose on the third day. Halleluyah!! So now when God looks at us, what He sees is the righteousness of His only Son, Jesus. And the truth is every time we come short of God’s glory, God looks and sees Jesus with His outstretched arms saying I already took the punishment of that sin. This is so undeserving yet Jesus does this over and over again.

Dear friends, the LOVE of God for us can never be overemphasized. He loves us so much He looks past all our wrong and sees only the sacrifice of Jesus. Therefore let nothing and nobody threaten us again. They have no right! We are safe and secure. We have the surest defence ever.