10643369_10152573522324440_183886149_nMY HOPE HAS COME

There were days when I just wanted to give it all up,

When it seemed like the storms were not going to stop,

Days when it felt like I was in an out-of-control spin,

But God’s mighty hand reined me back in.

Yes, sometimes it’s really quite grim out there,

So overwhelming that it gives one a scare,

And if it had not been for His grace,

I would have dropped out of the race.

Through it all, here I am and in celebration of the Resurrection of our Lord and Saviour,  Jesus Christ,  I bring you a word of encouragement today.  No matter what gloom and doom it spells, no matter how bleak it looks now, believe me;  AND trust God; Better, brighter days are ahead.  Even the wilderness and desert will be glad in those days!

“Everything that had previously been laid to waste will receive new life and begin to blossom.”  Isaiah 35:1 NLT.

God even assures us of an abundance (of every good thing) and that every dry withered situation will begin to flourish. Then God himself, will display His splendour and His glory in us! This is great news and He wants us to encourage one another with it.

“Encourage the exhausted and make struggling knees firm”. Isaiah 35:3 ( Amplified)

This is not the time to be weary.  Definitely NOT the time to give up. Jesus is our HOPE!


Are you perhaps still afraid, not sure of how to proceed? Please do not be. Just listen to what our Maker;  the God of the whole universe,  is saying to us right now.

Be strong and do not be afraid,  your God is coming to destroy your enemies. He is coming to save you.” Isaiah 35:4 NLT

Need I say more? What other assurance or validation are we still looking for? He is coming to save and deliver us from

Despair; Depression; Desperation; Drought;  Dearth and even Death.

Well then, let’s shout and sing for joy and lift up our hands and voices in praise, worship and adoration of our helper; our deliverer, our Saviour, our Lord and our God.

He is come to save and deliver us from our enemies.

For He is our Hope; our Saviour in time of trouble. Jeremiah 14:8 KJV


Oluyinka Ego-Martins ©