Have you ever been in a place of lack, without a practical way out? If you have, you probably prayed severally and thoughts of giving up crossed your mind. The seeming ironic solution for your breakthrough is hidden in your genuine quality praise to GOD, no matter what situation you find yourself in.

We are made to praise GOD and to worship HIM. It shouldn’t be what we do once in a while, it is who we are, we are true worshippers of GOD. Now, GOD dwells in the praises of HIS people. Psalm 22:3 KJV

David was a man after GOD’s heart most likely because he was a great praiser. He never lost a battle in his lifetime as a King, to a point where his son, Solomon had no battle to fight when he became king.  1 Chronicles 22:9-10 KJV

You have probably heard the expression, “Dance like David danced”. It should be safe to say that a praise-lifestyle moves GOD in our favour constantly.

I heard a story of a woman who had nothing but just couldn’t stop praising GOD. Her neighbour, “an atheist” was always angry. He would ask “what does that wretched woman have to thank her so-called GOD for?”, but she only kept praising. One Sunday afternoon, she was hungry, without any food at home, guess what? She went into a praise session, singing and dancing. The atheist neighbour got frustrated and was determined to make her go quiet.

He paid her a visit and asked why she couldn’t be quiet, her answer was that she had nothing to eat at home. He then, went to his house and returned with more than enough food than she could ever consume, “just to shut her up”. I’m sure you’re guessing her praise session intensified. When asked why she couldn’t contain herself, she said “I didn’t have food to eat and so I started praising GOD, so he instructed an atheist to bring me an abundant supply of food. It’s a miracle!”

So, in the midst of lack and emotional downtimes of all sorts, it is definitely a time to praise GOD.

Olajide Charles ©