TAKE IT EVERYWHERE!!!Always_praise_God

It was called the Ark of the Covenant,

And on it the Israelites were dependent.

T’was their guide in the wilderness,

Sustaining them through the emptiness.

Going ahead of them at the Jordan’s bank,

And at Jericho’s wall, did not let them break their ranks.

Always carrying with it the glory,

And the presence of our God, Most Holy!

No other gods could stand,

Before His Almighty Hand.

Dagon the god of the Philistines,

Lay on his face as though shot by a magazine.

The people thinking there might have been a quake,

Put Dagon back up in two shakes.

But our God never makes mistakes,

And by morning Dagon’s head had a break.

King David told us in Psalm 22:3 that God dwells inside our praises. The amplified version of the Bible says it like this  “But You are holy,O You who are enthroned in [the holy place where] the praises of Israel [are offered].”AMP

Therefore where ever or whenever we offer praise to God, He comes to make a throne there. He comes to reside there. It becomes his address. You can reach him there in the praise. His glory and his presence are there just like in the days of old when they were in the Ark of the Covenant.

Today, the “Ark of the Covenant” is our praise; because God will always dwell in our praise. So I ask us please, to learn to “carry our Ark” (which is represented by our praise) everywhere we go. At least these days we do not need a retinue of staff to hoist our praise up as was done with the ark of the covenant in those days.

You can put God’s praise on your phone,  your tab,  your iPad,  your laptop,  fill your workspace with it, your home, your gym, your car,  your kitchen, fill your life with it and whatever you do always let His praise be in your mouth. Psalm 34:1

Take your praise everywhere you go and be assured that as you do so God is going everywhere with you.

His home is in your praise.


Oluyinka Ego-Martins ©