Use the Unusual


David killed the giant Goliath; but there was no sword in the hand of David.  1  Sam 17:50

The usual weapon used in the time of war was a sword or a spear, with a protective shield.

But David used none of these.

He used unusual weapons to defeat and disgrace the giant Goliath.

He used a sling and a stone.

But how did he come to do that? How could he have guessed that they would work?

Well the truth is David never knew that they would work.

But he did know his God; A God no one could mock. Galatians 6:7

So when the situation looks hopeless and bad,

It is not the time to go about weary and sad.

The Shepherd boy had killed a lion with bare hands and also a bear.  1 Samuel 17: 34-36

And he came to  show that God saveth not with sword and a spear.  1 Samuel 17: 47

The helmet of brass and the coat of mail David had not proved.

Yet he trusted in the Lord of hosts, and  he was not moved.

Today we have these unusual and supernatural weapons to use:

The blood of Jesus; Make it your plea! You will overcome. Revelation 12:11

Prayer; Use it fervently! It avails much. James 5: 16

Praise; It will beget(bring forth) your Pharez (Breakthrough) Matthew 1:3

Worship; No warship like it. 2 Chronicles 20 : 21-25

As you begin to use your unusual, supernatural weapons,

Get ready for what God has in store for you!images-2

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