be-carefulBE CAREFUL!!!

What’s eating you up? Who/What have you given the power to upset you so much?

Be careful that you do not let it eat you down to the grave!!!

This sounds so severe but it is exactly what happened to someone I know.

Here is his story.

The King preferred Haman, the Agagite;    

Over the princes that were in his sight.    Esther 3:1

All paid him reverence as commanded;

Except for him, from whom it was demanded. Esther 3: 2

Then the anger burnt deep within him;

And he sought to make their light go dim. Esther 3: 6

But not just dim; to totally snuff them out. Esther 3: 9

Alas! What evil did the Agagite conceive;

Against a people who trust and believe;

In the ONE who is able to save;   Deutoronomy 20:4 ; Psalm 37:5

And deliver from the power of the grave. Hosea 13:14

Haman ended up hung on the gallows he built for Mordecai his enemy.

His anger and indignation at that one man consumed him to the exclusion of all else. Esther 5:13

But Mordecai is from a people who are favoured of the King. Esther 5:2

A people whom the King delights to honour and dignify.  Esther 6: 3-10

A people whom the King puts the wicked in their stead.  Esther 7: 9-10

Oh! How blessed are these people with whom you and I are one!

So put away all anger and do away with wrath; Psalm 37:8

Do good because it pleases the King; Psalm 2:12 



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