In her interview with CBN’s Efrem Graham, Priscilla Shirer, star of the 2015 block buster “War Room” , says:-

“For every visible, physical event we see happening in our lives whether positive or negative, there is a spiritual counterpart that we cannot see………..”. She then summarises the movie thus:-

“………..shift your attention from all you can see and do not forget that just because the (“sinister, cunning and scheming”)enemy is invisible,  he is not fictional; he is very real and prayer hits him where it hurts.”

Need I say more???

It’s time to pray and it’s time to hit our target.

Lets get the enemy out, root and branch.

The real issues we deal with stem right from the root.

Then its time to dig in our heels and give ’em the boot.

Let their source begin to rot,  and let their blossom become as dust.  Isaiah  5:24

And as their roots dry up below, we will  see their branches no more.  Job 18:16  

Branches of pain that brought no fair gain.

Branches tormenting and sometimes afflicting.

So let’s lift up our hands and lift up our voices;

The praise breaks the chains and a new root is born.  2 Kings  19:30 

A root so deep, it fills the land and strangles the thorns.  Psalms  80:9 

Even Solomon on his knees begged God to do as he had sworn.  1 Kings 8:28-54 

It’s time to get on our knees and plead fervently with God with whom all things are possible!

He has given us the weapon! 

Let us pray!!!


Oluyinka Ego-Martins ©war-roomsolomon-dedicating-the-temple