What do you do when you are discouraged and utterly distressed?

When all around you seems dark and dreary ;

And you are already tired and weary?

Do you cry yourself to sleep?

Or do you sit and stare and weep?

I know a man who did all these; 1 Samuel 30: 3-6

And found not the answers with any ease,

Until he reached for the double-edged sword,

And encouraged himself in the Lord.

That man was King David; a man after God’s own heart.

David is the author of modern day praise and worship as we know it today.

1 Chronicles 15: 16; 2 Chronicles  7:6

And he knew that praise would bring you into the presence of God.

He was totally uninhibited in his praise and worship of God.

Yet he was never without his own trials and tribulations.

And he understood that the way out was in God alone.

He praised God through the good and not so good times.

He praised God, he worshiped God, he prayed to God, he studied the word of God!

We can do the same thing as David and let God come to the rescue.

American gospel music songwriter , Donald Lawrence said in his 2007 song  “Encourage yourself”

“Sometimes you have to encourage yourself.

Sometimes you have to speak victory during the test.

And no matter how you feel,

speak the word and you will be healed;

speak over yourself,

encourage yourself in the Lord.

Sometimes you have to speak the word over yourself,

the pressure is all around,

but God is present help.

The enemy created walls,

but remember giants, they do fall;

speak over yourself,

encourage yourself in the Lord.”

Encourage yourself – Donald Lawrence;  2007

Waste no more time! Arise now and pull yourself up by the bootstraps.

I charge you today encourage yourself in the Lord!

Oluyinka Ego-Martins ©