There is a cafe/restaurant I sometimes go to in Lagos, Nigeria,  which is very famous for its salads. The other day I noticed something while I was trying to make a payment at the cashier’s. Right there behind the cashier is a wall that displays all kinds of certificates. These certificates are well framed and neatly arranged for all their patrons to see. With these, customers are constantly assured of the quality of their products.

Some medical doctors also love to display their certificates of merit and of their numerous achievements or medical associations to which they belong.  This of course is a good thing to do. At least this will give the patient at the surgery some reassurance and confidence in the doctors skills and ability.

Some see these certificates and express awe,thinking; “Wow!! Impressive”. 

Others on the other hand are totally intimidated by a display of these certificates that showcase others achievements.

However, this display of certificates got me thinking. How about we display, our certificate  of victory? And yes! we have one. The one that Jesus Christ won for us and gave to us on the cross of Calvary when He uttered the words “IT IS FINISHED” ,  John 19:30 KJV This expression is translated from a Greek word  “tetelestai” which is actually an accounting term that means “paid in full.” In my country, Nigeria, when you have paid for your shopping, a guard stationed at the exit of the shop, asks to see a receipt of payment for all your purchases. And once it is clear that you have paid in full for everything,  you are free to walk out of the shop and no one dares to challenge you again.

Similarly with our “PAID IN FULL” certificate in hand,( which we should be proud to display at every opportunity) we are free to walk…….. walk out of chains, walk out of oppression, walk out of depression, walk out of manipulation,  walk out of shame, regret, and no one, has the authority to challenge our freedom. For after all “If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.”     John  8:36  KJV 

It is time now to be bold and to lift up our certificate of victory over sin and over the devil. Let us frame the certificate with praise, worship and adoration. With thanksgiving and appreciation too. And every time we do this let us be assured and confident that Jesus Christ has paid the price for our sin, with His most precious blood.

Display your certificate of victory and put the devil to flight.

Believe me, that certificate intimidates satan and his agents.