2016-09-06-21-24-32-40711704images-7WHEN GOD REMEMBERS. ………

What happens when God remembers you?

But then again, can He actually ever forget you?

“Can a woman forget her suckling child,………….yea, they may forget yet will I not forget thee;

Behold, I have graven thee upon the palms of my hands…………..” Isaiah 49:15-16 KJV

Sometimes we find ourselves in situations where we think that perhaps God has totally forgotten about us.

If that is ever the case, please fret not thyself.

God always remembers and when He does, see what could happen:

The waters prevailed upon the earth;

And all that had life was put to death,

Then God remembered Noe;

And the flood of destruction ceased to flow. Genesis 7 & 8 KJV

Upset and distraught in her barren state;

But determined not to resign to her fate,

God remembered Rachel with this approach,

And He took away her reproach.  Genesis 30 KJV

Is bareness the order of the day?

Another maiden was filled with dismay,

With grief and a bitter soul she wept sore;

Then God remembered Hannah and gave her 1 + 5 more. 1 Samuel 1 & 2 KJV

Even the sick unto death received healing;

The “Captain” of God’s  people got a great feeling,

When God remembered his (Hezekiah’s) good and pleasing works,

And granted him an extra 15 years for a perk.  2 Kings:20 KJV

The malefactor on the cross beside our Lord;

Could not believe what for him was stored,

When the Lord Jesus granted him pardon,

A relief it was to be rid of the burden. Luke 23 KJV

God also remembered alms and prayers,

Just like He loves us to cast unto Him our cares,

So Cornelius with his family and friends,

Received the Holy Ghost as the heavens were rend. Acts 10 KJV

So when God remembers……….,

He puts an end to destruction,

He brings fruitfulness and removes reproach,

He heals, pardons,  forgives and bestows beautiful gifts.

God will remember YOU!!!

Oluyinka Ego-Martins ©