Jesus Christ is the real deal;

And you must pursue Him with zeal;

Then why refer to Him as an “x”?

Know ye not that He will vex?

An “x” refers to that without identity,

But stay with Christ and gain eternity.  (but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord;  Romans  6:23b KJV )

Sometimes too the “x” refers to profanity,

Or would you go see an “x”-rated movie?

Act wisely therefore;

Only Him, adore; (Kiss the Son, lest he be angry, and ye perish from the way, Psalms 2:12 a KJV)

Of your life make Him a part,

Or things might just fall apart.

Once again the season of Christmas is upon us and I am unapologetically one of those who finds it offensive when “xmas” is written as an abbreviation for Christmas. So I went on a search and this is what I found. “X” is the first letter of the Greek word “(Χριστός)” which means “Christós” and later became “Christ” in the English language. If that is the case then, in my own opinion, it does not make it right to use the first letter “X” of the Greek word (Χριστός) to replace the word “Christ” in English. It would be just as inappropriate to replace the word “Christ” with the letter “C” and derive          C-mas.  It really does not matter how long it has been acceptably used in general or in the laity. But as  said, “you are not likely to find the word or abbreviation; Xmas; in church hymnals or other Christian prayer books.”

We know that “JESUS ( CHRIST) IS THE REASON FOR THE SEASON” and so I urge us all to leave out the “X” and bring in the “Christ”  because truly Christmas is nothing without Christ.

I leave us with some of the words from the hymn “O little town of Bethlehem”:

The last two lines in the third stanza go like this:

“Where meek souls will receive him still,

The dear Christ enters in.” 

Do not get lost in the glitz, glimmer and lights of Christmas. Let this season also be a time to renew and affirm our faith in Jesus Christ not as a babe born in a manger but as our Saviour and Redeemer.

Let us then bring Christ back into Christmas because Jesus is the Christ and NOT an “X”.

Merry Christmas to you and yours.