loreto-day-school-bowbazar-1THE REWARDING GIFT OF GIVING

The gift you generously give,

Is a seed to the one who receives,

It’s also a seed to you.

Once it’s given, it falls to the ground,

First it dies, then soon much more will abound,

Because God is pleased with you.

The needy one comes to ask,

But sometimes it’s too much of a task,

So really it’s up to you.

Up to you to seek them out,

And when you give no need to shout,

Or there will be no reward for you. Matthew 6:1-2 

Giving is a gift that rewards the giver,

And whether you give a little or you give much,

Or perhaps you desire to give your all,

Do it willingly and don’t hold back,

God will smile on you , for He loves a cheerful giver. 2 Corinthians 9:7 

Hear what the Lord says:;

“My child, more than once when I needed help (in Thessalonica), you came to the rescue. I did not just want to receive those gifts you brought, rather I wanted to see profit added to your account;  (to see you receive a reward for your kindness;  to see you experience the blessing that issues from generosity; to see fruit that may abound to your account.) Phillipians 4:16-17             (paraphrased KJV, NLT, GNT.)

The truth is when you give to the needy, you are giving to God. Matthew 25: 45

When you give to the needy you are laying up treasures for yourself in heavenly places.

When you give to the needy you are special to the Lord and He will deliver you. Psalm 41: 1-2

Giving,  pleases God and is a sacrifice acceptable unto Him too. Phillipians 4:18

So look around you today and be a blessing to that woman who is struggling to feed her children, that man who has lost his job, that child that has not been able to go to school this term because the fees have not been paid.

Give a little, give much or give all but please, give! And let God reward you. Matthew 6:4 

Oluyinka Ego-Martins ©